Judge Course Registration

If you want to register for a judging course you are in the right place!

1. You will need your Freestyle Canada membership NUMBER. You will need to go the Freestyle Canada website to get your Freestyle Canada membership for this year. If you already have your Freestyle Canada membership then you will need to visit Sport DNA to find it under the 'View My Profile' tab. All attendees must have an active Freestyle Canada membership to attend a Judge Clinic. 

2. Register for your clinic of choice. Find the course you would like to register for and email lora@freestyleontario.ski.  

 Judging Course to register for:



NEWJudges Certification and License Upgrade Guidelines

Canadian Snowsports Officials Pathway

CFSA Head Judge Handbook

CFSA Judges Airfare

CFSA Judges Accommodation

CFSA Judges Honorarium

CFSA Judges Meal Expenses

FIS Freestyle General Rules for Scoring

AFP 2012 Judging Clinic Handout

How to Choose a Judging Clinic


GENERAL Freestyle ontario RESOURCES

Constitution and Bylaws

Crisis Management Procedure

Equity Policy

Risk Management Procedure

Safety Guidelines