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Air 1 Trampoline Course @ Vertical Zone, Barrie

Air 1 - Vertical Zone Barrie


Sunday May 29: 11am- 5pm

Monday May 30: 9am-5pm


In the Air 1 and Air 2 Modules we set out to distill the most up to date technical
information in Trampoline, Traditional and New School Freestyle skilling, and
Snowboarding. This required expertise and innovation from a wide variety of top
coaches and learning facilitators.

Goal: Introduction of fundamental acrobatic skills in a trampoline environment. Skills are basic “bed” tricks to front and Backflip progressions.

Coaches learn the progressions and bailout skills to help their athletes build a strong acrobatic foundation. This proven foundation gives the athletes the knowledge and body movements required to help them progress to more difficult skills in a fun and safe manner. 

Equipment:  Comfortable athletic clothing 

Prerequisites: CFSA Membership License

# of Days: 2 at trampoline centre

Evaluation: Demonstration of ability to supervise safety in a trampoline center and to supervise athletes on the fundamental acrobatic skill progressions.

Outcome: Air 1 certified coaches are able to coach athletes in a trampoline setting using the skills taught in the Air 1 course. Air 1 trained/certified coaches are able to move onto the Air 2 course.