Ages: 6 – 12
Focus: Fundamental Freestyle Skiing Skills, formally  Jumps & Bumps

*COMING OCTOBER 2017 - Program Downloads*

FUNdamentalz introduces freestyle terrain and skills in fun and safe progressions for entry level skiers. The new coach pocket guides and lesson plans incorporate developmentally appropriate activities based on High Five Principles that support the social and emotional development of children 6-12.

There is flexibility within the 8-12 week session plans to adapt to varying skill levels of participants and weather conditions.

Clubs and snow schools who previously delivered Jumps & Bumps and who have Freestyle Canada NCCP trained ‘Club Coaches’ will easily be able to use the reengineered FUNdamentalz materials.

Sanctioned clubs and snow schools will have access to:

  • Laminated Coach Pocket Guides
  • Downloadable participant report cards
  • Downloadable participant certificates of achievement
  • Electronic supplementary program resources
  • Program/location listed on the Freestyle Canada website


Coaches delivering the program must be trained through the NCCP FUNdamentalz Coach course (formally known as ‘Club Coach’), have an active Freestyle Canada membership and belong to a sanctioned Freestyle Canada club. All coaches must complete the NCCP courses, Making Ethical Decisions and Making Head Way.

IMPORTANT: Prior Club Coach qualifications will be accepted to coach the FUNdamentalz program.


Fundamentalz is designed to teach basic jumping and spinning off small jumps, skiing and switch skiing skills, riding boxes and other small terrain park features, and skiing moguls.  

Week 1: FUNdamentalz Skiing & Jumping

Week 2: Skiing Switch & Boxes 1

Week 3: Moguls 1

Week 4: Jumps 2 – Uprights & Spinning

Week 5: Boxes 2

Week 6: Moguls 2

Week 7: Freeskiing 1 & Terrain Park 1

Week 8: Skills Showcase

*Optional weeks for 12-week programs.

Week 9: Terrain Park 2

Week 10: Moguls 3

Week 11: Freeskiing 2 & Jumps 3

Week 12: Skills Showcase

*Session plans can be adapted for half-day or full-day sessions.

** Each week will have a ski improvement component